What I Do
More about my work.
Hot Glass ... Exquisitely Enticing
Hot Glass ... Electric Guitar of the Art World. 
Hot Glass ... Ultimate Inveiglement
My Inspiration
The reason I do what I do.
Although my inspirations are many, two merit discussion. Transportation and The Beautiful Game. My life has been shaped immensely by automotive mechanics in my family.  My grandfather was involved with racing, and my uncle with cars and motorcycles. From early childhood, sights, sounds, and smells of automotive restoration and repair permeated my existence. In the mid-nineties, my son developed a love for soccer ... The Beautiful Game. His devoting so much of his time to this endeavor is still so inspirational I have been compelled to create work in tribute to our entire experience.
Graphic Art
My glasswork is either functional as in vessels and lighting, or ultrafunctional as in sculpture. My work will sometimes encompas stone, metal and wood.
From six semesters of graphic arts in highschool through photography and painting in college, I have maintained a strong relationship with images on paper canvas and other substrates.
I appreciate being invited to view sites for installations, especially construction projects. Being included as a design team member is an immense reward in itself.
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My Approach
Most substantial works of art executed in hot glass result from a team performing choreographed activities in a very intimate setting. Input about what is or isn't working, and what technique might prove beneficial is constantly sought in all my pieces. I couldn't begin do this without tremendous skillfull assistance, and that thoughtful sharing of these individuals collective insight.